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My Mother Took Out Loans to Pay for My Education. I Can’t Afford to Pay. – Jasmine

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Steve,

My mother took out loans to fund my education with the best intentions in the world. Unfortunately because of some medical and educational setbacks, it took me 6 years to graduate and I’m sitting on around 100K in student loans, not sure how much is private and how much is federal 🙁 After graduation I was laid off and then eventually quit my job while also being pregnant.

It took more than a year for me to get a job and by then all my creditors were calling or had called wanting me to start repayment. Even though I have a pretty good job now, a majority of my money is being eaten up by childcare and rent, as I live in a city with a high cost of living and I am a single parent.

I still have to worry about utilities, food, travel and credit card debts, I could not survive if my wages were garnished. I’ve offered small payments in concession to the creditors with hopes that as I get pay increases I can contribute more but they were not accepted.

What are my options to consolidate my payments and stretch out my loan period so that I can make manageable payments until better times come along?


Dear Jasmine,

What you will notice in the resources list below is that there are some really good options for dealing with your federal student loans. What you most likely what to look at is consolidating the federal loans and then putting it on the Income Based Repayment program.

The bigger problem is the private student loans. For those, the only two choices are either the programs the private lender offers or to wait till the loans are in default past their statute of limitations and then discharge those in bankruptcy.

But, if your mother took out these loans or guaranteed them, the lenders will go after her if you default.

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