Is the Real Estate Law Center Really a Scam or Not?

“Dear Steve,

Investigating The Real Estate Law Center-I have been in contact with a representitive and passed along information, I am leary of course to send any money with out seeing some non-bias or indpendant results.

I see a few responses regarding Real Estate Law Center as a scam, but nothing is definitive as to whether or not they are an actual a scam or just percieved as so. Has any body actually used their service and had a negative or positive result. Are they a scam or not?”

The question “are they a scam” about any company is a loaded one. What is your definition of a scam?

My advice would be for you to review these past articles and posts about Real Estate Law Center.

Additionally you should review the things you can do to deal with your mortgage in How to Modify Your Mortgage for Free and I would recommend that anyone considering using such a company should read the following fee guides.

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1 thought on “Is the Real Estate Law Center Really a Scam or Not?”

  1. I have had personal experience with them. I hired them and paid their $5000 fee retainer and paid monthly for individual. Without going into too much detail, because it’s too long to write it all, I was promised they had won several lawsuits when I signed up – and they’d won monetary settlements too and that I could see them. I learned this was not true.- and could show me nothing but the one case Chad Pratt won a
    long time ago. My case was never filed after months of submitting documents and wasting my time. I asked questions that were not answered. I caught them in so many lies and was given the runaround. After things became clear to me, and I felt robbed, I asked for a refund and was refused. I FEEL I WAS SCAMMED!!!
    The people in the mass cases haven’t had a chance to figure this out yet as they are still waiting…. they will be disappointed in my opinion.

    Chad Pratt won one case long ago and is using that as his claim to fame but there is a website where you can follow the results of each case filed. It’s called justia.com and you type in the case number and the periodic results come up. Many, many cases have been filed against the banks with little to no success – especially in California. For hours, I read cases that failed, one after another. It’s so rare that they win, it’s pathetic. Anyone can charge you money and file a lawsuit but what is the point if it gets thrown out?? Only the best of the best can go up against these big banks and win which would cost about $100k and the banks have tied all these firms up. So many lawyers have tried but to no avail even though what the banks did was very fraudulent according to all my research, they are and will get away because our government has become a special interest group and Obama let them off the hook… the only way to ever get justice is for millions of homeowners to join together and sign a petition and protest publicly but they even tried that with Occupy Wall St but the media discredited them and took them down and sent in losers to make them all look bad. This problem goes way up the political ladder and it may takes years for this scandal to ever surface. Meanwhile, the largest transfer of wealth in American history is happening….


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