Consumer Credit Counseling Insider Alleges Corners Are Being Cut to Sell DMP

A tipster (send in your tips here) reached out to me from inside a very recognized consumer credit counseling organization and shared with me their concerns about corners they felt were being cut.

I’ll share the comments they shared with me, minus the company name, and I’d love to hear you opinion of how widespread you feel these practices are.

Credit Counseling Insider Says:

“So to try to boost business the senior committee has developed a new “plan” to drum up more business.

The process for getting people on a DMP has loosened up, and the claim is that the company is just copying what other DMP companies do.

The staff has been required to “do anything you can to get a customer on a DMP” – even if that means falsifying a budget for a client.

Normally if a client has more than enough money, they would be given the tools and recommendations to get out of debt on their own, without the need of a DMP, however, now [redacted] pads the budget with the extra income to make a DMP an option.

With people who do not have enough funds in the budget – the counselor is supposed to cut anything out of the budget and make changes to other expenses to again make every effort to sell the DMP.

And to boot, employees are to leave off any credit cards that the consumer doesn’t want to include – even though a DMP is designed to get a consumer out of debt and not have to rely on credit cards.”

Based on other information given with the tip, not published, I’m inclined to believe the tipster (send in your tips here) does have inside information.


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