Discover Card Sued Me 10 Years Ago and Wants to Renew It. – Barna

“Dear Steve,

10 years ago Discover card sued me but on that time, I was not aware this clearly and my roommate signed that summon. However, on 2003 around June they had a garnishment on my bank account and took all the money I had in my bank account.

After that I did not receive any warning from Discover card. But within same month or so, I remember getting a letter from court or attorney regarding that garnishment had taken place. I replied to letter to at the address was provided, by saying that I was in NY during the Garnishment period and that the charge against me was not right (to the court or Judge). My Dad was hospitalized and I went there to help him with the treatment.

However, Discover card again sued me with the reasoning that I did not satisfy the judgment and the 10 years judgments period provided my MN will end March 2013, therefore the want court to issues and order of renewing the judgments.

As, I remember that original debt was $2000+ but now they are asking for almost $8000. And I have to reply within 20 days from today.

What are the best options do I have to deny this claim in best ways.


Dear Barna,

You should not be seeking answers for this specific situation from strangers on the internet. You should get specific legal advice on this from an attorney that is licensed to practice law in your state.

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