Mortgage Rescue Company Advertises Commission Only Jobs With Law Firm. Dumbass.

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in a tip about a company in Florida that is recruiting for commission only sales positions with a company that is making outbound sales calls to sell “residential clients in a lawsuit against mortgage lenders.”

This appears to clearly be fee-splitting between attorneys and non-attorneys. That’s a big no-no and an issue which has led many attorneys to get disbarred for.

As equally troubling is the fact that homeowners are going to receive outbound telemarketing calls blaming the banks for their mortgage problems. The consumers will be made to feel like victims and be targeted for the residential litigation representative to close the deal.

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The sales person has a target of 3 sales per week and if anyone things this Florida company is going to be giving independent advice that puts the consumer first, you are deluding yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Mortgage Rescue Company Advertises Commission Only Jobs With Law Firm. Dumbass.”

  1. The Real Estate Law Center, PC has an identical set up in which sales agents split commissions with attorneys. The head of their sales department is run by a man named John Gearries. Anyone who is currently a victim of their scam or is solicited by their sales agents should contact the California State Bar and the FTC right away.

  2. This is an advertisement for a Residential Litigation Group job. The same Residential Litigation Group who is getting investigated by multiple state agencies and claims to be in Washington DC when they are clearly in Florida. Wait until the Florida Bar see this beauty. Would a lawyer really advertise “commissions”?


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