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How Quickly Does Bankruptcy Protect Me From My Creditors? – Mary

By on February 2, 2013

“Dear Steve,

58yo..unemployed for a few years.due to layoff….maxed credit cards and behind by 6 months. Just gave my BK paperwork to attorney. I believe that due to my poor credit, I cannot find a job. Having a hard time just paying the important bills.

Discover has now stated they will either give me to collections or to an attorney. I don’t have any money to give them or any other creditor. How long will it take to get BK protection before Discover can put a lien on my house?


Dear Mary,

You get the full protection from bankruptcy the moment your bankruptcy attorney files your bankruptcy petition. Your debt is fully discharged when your final discharge is issued by the court. In a chapter 7 bankruptcy that generally takes about 90 days or so from the time of the filing.

Once your bankruptcy attorney files your bankruptcy petition, ask them for the filing number on the petition. When a creditor contacts you, politely tell them you filed bankruptcy and give them the filing number. That will stop collections activity quickly.

You should not hesitate to discuss these issues with your bankruptcy attorney. They should be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have about the process.

And I think this article will be of interest, Getting a Job or Finding a Job After Bankruptcy.

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