Modification Review Board – Consumer Complaint – February 7, 2013

Consumer Statement:


Modification Review Board in Sandy Utah promised to modify my mortgage. They sent me an “official” looking government letter that misled me to believe that they were the Hardest Hit fund in my state and that they wanted to help me.

When I called them they were NOT the Hardest Hit fund and after speaking with a representative for several hours over several days they convinced me that they could help me, they even offered me a money back guarantee.

I signed their contract and they removed a payment immediately from my bank account. We were so happy and relieved to have someone on our side.

They promised to send my mortgage company Bank of America a cease and desist notice within 48 hours of taking my payment. Bank of America did not stop calling me trying to collect my payment.

I called Modification Review Board wanting to know why they were still calling, they told me that Bank of America must have made a mistake and did not get the cease and desist or add it to my account and promised me it would end soon, but it didn’t. They continued to call and send letters.

I called Modification Review Board and they promised it was a mistake so I endured the calls from B of A. Modification Review board took another payment from my bank account two weeks later and I still had no relief from B of A. I called again and again and they guaranteed me it was a mistake, yes a mistake it was.

Bank of America finally sent me a foreclosure notice. I called Bank of America (which Mod review board advised me not to) and asked them why they were foreclosing when I was in the middle of negotiating a mortgage modification!!! They informed me that they NEVER heard from any company named Modification Review Board. I asked for a manager who also explained they had never heard from them. I was horrified and called Modification Review Board, they stated that in order to stop the foreclosure they would need another $1000 dollars!!!

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By this point they had collected 1400 dollars from me. I told them no way, and asked them to refund my money and told them I would deal with Bank of America myself. They said they could not refund my money because the had done that amount of work “on my case”. I asked to speak to the manager or the lawyer for the firm only to be promised a callback from Jonathan Hanley, who I never heard from.

When I attempted to call and get my money back they avoided my calls and sent me on a wild goose chase. The next thing I know they auto debited another payment from my bank account, when I told them to cancel my case!!!! I called them again and asked them to refund my money they again stated that was the money they needed to work on my case and that several of their paralegals had spent hours on the phone with B of A trying to help me. I asked them to send me proof of their so called work and again they dodged my phone calls and left me hanging.

I had to cancel my bank account so they could stop taking payments and I have reported them to every single agency I can think of. I am SO happy your doing this and taking care of the consumer.

Thankfully Bank of America believed my story and is now working with me on a modification and stopped the foreclosure process but I have never had any resolve with Modification Review Board, never heard form an attorney or Jonathan Hanley and I am out almost $2000 dollars that I never got back that I could have paid to B of A.

I don’t know what to do, help? I want my money back or proof that they did $2000 worth of work. There are so many comments online about them being a scam so if your reading this and thinking of using their company BEWARE! They gave me a money back GUARANTEE! I would like some advice about what to do now? their website is falsly advertising they are a law firm under http://homeloanmodifica tionlawyer.com! I am reporting them to the BBB and any other law enforcement agency I can find.

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Consumer Action Taken:

there was no resolve they never contacted me back and have avoided my phone calls

Date This Problem Happened: November 16, 2012

State You Live in: Washington

Race/Ethnicity: Black or African American

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,900

Company Name: Modification Review Board

Company Address:

9035 S 700 E
sandy , utah 84117

Company Telephone Number: 888-541-7445

Website of Company: homeloanmodificationlawyer.com

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4 thoughts on “Modification Review Board – Consumer Complaint – February 7, 2013”

  1. I work in the industry, your story makes little sense. Firstly, name the person you initially worked with. I just looked at the BBB and they are A rated. If it happened the way you said then perhaps it was a bad apple. Second, You said you were in the middle of a modification with BOA, and yetyou still we served for closure notice within two weeks? That means that if you’re still in your house They did it stop the foreclosure. Like every other lender, When BOA Was contacted by an attorney on your behalf The start taking you Seriously! Finally, You should sign your name if you bash a company, Most companies read over these reports and try to rectify a client’s poor experience.

  2. I am sorry you went through all this trouble. I used to work for Modification Review Board or Preferred Law and this is exactly the reason I am no longer with them. The lie, cheat, forge and dont contact their customers. If you need any assistance with your modification please let me know.


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