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How Can I Move My Debt Around to Pay It Off Faster? – Max

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Steve,

I’m back again. This time with a different subject, though I’m still working on the other issue we talked about previously. So, I want a credit limit increase or a new card, though I already have 4 cards. I want to transfer my $6,000 Chase card balance with an APR to one of my no APR cards (2 of them are no APR til November and one is no APR until April of next year).

I have a total of $9,900 in credit cards that I want to pay off, but I get treated like a little dishonest beggar when I call the credit card companies. I want to pay off my cards but Chase is charging me $74 a month in interest fees, which I’d rather use toward my debt snowball.

What can I do right now? How can I convince the credit card companies that they stand to make money off of me in the long-term? I’m honestly just trying to pay off my debt.



Dear Max,

Modern lending is automated and dependent on credit scores. So when it comes to being able to borrow, size matters. Credit score size that is.

Your arguments to the credit card companies they will make you a lot of money would fall on deaf ears. Not only are they going to make lending decisions based on your credit score but they have no incentive to let you out of the position you are in right now.

You have three primary options:

  1. Focus on improving your credit and raising your credit score.
  2. If your credit score is 680 and above then an unsecured debt consolidation loan may be able top pay off your cards.
  3. Use an organized repayment approach like to pay off your debt in the least expensive way possible.

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