Credit Acceptance Corporation Repoed My Car by Mistake! – Toni

“Dear Steve,

Company acceptance corporation, bought at. billy navarre,

Well, my.suv got repossessed about two Weeks ago. I bought the vehicle in march 2012, so I haven’t even had it but 10 months. I signed up for autopay thru western union, and they would send confirmation of payment to my email every time they get paid, which is every two Weeks. So all of a sudden, no late notice or missed payment notice, no threatening notice of repossession, these two people show up, say theyare repo people, they do not check vehicle to make sure its even the right one, just start putting iton back of tow truck, man tried to tell me I was eight months behind !! I was totally shocked as I had no idea I had even missed one payment. my purse with and wallet and my badge for work, and my babies car seat was.all in the.vehicle, probably more but I didn’t have time to check for all my stuff, tells me I couldn’t take any of my.belongings unless I give him the keys!! So I had no choice or they were tak ing al my stuff I had to have! After they left I checked my email and they had sent me confirmations every two Weeks where they had been paid!! They still haven’t sent me anything about how to get ? Vehicle back or anything, what do I do? I have four kids and I work full time, I need my vehicle that I paid for ! is credit acceptance corporation, I’ve read all the reviews and there is a lot of people who paid for their vehicle and these people all of a sudden got their vehicle repossessed!


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Dear Toni,

It wouldn’t be the first time a car has been repoed due to an administrative error. It sounds like you have the supporting documentation to prove your payments had been made.

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The first thing I’d suggest you do is call Credit Acceptance Corporation and talk to them about your account. If they don’t see the payments made on your account, using the tracking numbers you have they can figure out what went wrong.

If the lender is at fault they will typically return the vehicle with a smile and apology.

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