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Can We End Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Early? – Art

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Steve,

we thought we had a good modification only to find out 2 and half yrs later it wasnt…so we filed ch 13….since filing we obtained a good modification, signed agreed and going well…we also have pd off our vehicle loan through this ch 13…..believe debt left is some very small medical bills…seems we could benefit more now by getting out of this….our bk pyt is 685 per week…sometimes we are left with 100.00 per week….our mortgage is 1300 a month….we figure it is 325 per week, rest must be trustee and atty fees. do this sound right and reasonable and is it possible to dismiss??


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Dear Art,

You can certainly dismiss your chapter 13 bankruptcy at any time. In fact most end without going to full completion.

You should discuss this with your bankruptcy you hired to represent you when you filed bankruptcy so you understand how canceling your bankruptcy might impact you.

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  • We filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy 3 years ago to reorganize our debt because my wages went down and I needed to help my mom.
    Also because we couldn’t file a Chapter 7 because we live in our primary residence that has a mortgage and I co-own (50/50) a piece of property with 2 houses on it with my mom which has been paid in full since 1994
    We are trying to sell the co-owned property because my mom has had to be placed in a nursing facility and we need extra money to help pay for her expenses.
    Can we sell it without my 1/2 of the proceeds going to the bankruptcy??

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