I Left Dubai With Debt But Will Return. Will I Be Arrested? – Nepail

“Dear Jon,

I left dubai for almost 3 years now and failed to come back and now i have a new job offer again in gulf country wanted to go back but i am worried i might have problems with my entry? Please can you confirm if a person having bank loan and credit card unpaid issues in UAE can go and work in Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain {gulf country} or any other Europe , America ? what kind of action they will do with me ?Shall be truly grateful to you



Your concerns are quite valid as we have heard of people who owe debts being arrested if they move back to a GCC, or Gulf Country.

My advice would be to inquire with the police near where you lived in Dubai and see if there are any warrants outstanding against you.

What debts did you leave behind?

Have you had any contact with the banks since you left?

Where are you currently living and what type of job are you being offered? Will it allow you to repay the accounts?

Do you have family in Dubai and have they received any notices regarding the accounts?

You want to be sure there are no warrants outstanding to confidently return.

Let me know and we can look closer at this.



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  1. i left dubai last 2009 because i got terminated and leaving dubai with unpaid credit card citibank now i have an offer in saudi arabia…are there any consequences if i go to saudi with these unpaid credit card?


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