Bayview Law Group – Consumer Complaint – February 19, 2013

Consumer Statement:

In 2010, I was faced with so many problems-most concerning my 84 year old father. I was paying BOS $500.00 per month for my $35,00.00 debt. When they sent me a notice that it would take more than five years to pay back the debt, I came across Bayview Law Group. I misread the papers sent to me informing me that I would pay $535.00 monthly and more than $400 would go towards the Law Group. After two tears and $13000.00, nothing was paid to Bank of America. I had inquired more than three time per year about the acount and all I could finally get from them was that I should stay on this course-nothing ablout the payments. January 2013 came and I was told again that nothing went to the account. I sent letter to stop taking money out of my checking account and send me the more than $5000.00 that was in the account. That was done swiftly and now I want to know what recourse I have with this Bayview Law Group. I also want to know what I can do to be reimbursed my money because I acted in good faith and BLG did not!!

Consumer Action Taken:

I called from 2010 until 2013 about what was happening with my money taken from my checking account. I was and am still embroiled with matters with my 86 year old father. I have copies of the many faxes sent to BLG inquiring about the debt and what has transpired. The response I received verbally on the phone-“Keep up the good work.” “You have to have $7000.00 for your first payment to BOA. I also sent BLG letters sent to me from lawyers who collect the debt. When I called the same law firm, I was told that BLG had not contacted them as they say they had. That concerned me and that is why I sent faxes to find out what was going on.

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Date This Problem Happened: November 23, 2010

State You Live in: Pennsylvania

Race/Ethnicity: Black or African American

Age Range: 66+

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $13,000

Company Name: Bayview Law Group

Company Address:

1011 Brioso Drive Suite 101
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Company Telephone Number: 888-300-8884

Website of Company:

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