National Debt Relief and American Debt Enders Consumer Rating Not True

On February 14, 2013 TopConsumerReviews.com put out a press release stating National Debt Relief and American Debt Enders made the list of companies selected for the TopConsumer Reviews.com website in the debt relief category. – Source

Their press release uses the image showing the two companies received the top place and a five star rating.

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 12.50.16 PM

There’s only one problem, according to the TopConsumerReviews.com website National Debt Relief is actually rated second and American Debt Enders is rated fourth. – Source

The top rated company by this “independent” company is listed as Curadebt.

And to be even more precise, the graphic in the press release says five star rating but American Debt Enders actually has a four star rating.

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Isn’t it just bad form to not be honest about the actual award received?

American Debt Enders says it is located at American Debt Enders, 265 Sunrise Hwy, Suite 1-#250, Rockville Centre, NY 11570 but there is no company listed by the State as registered to do business under the name American Debt Enders. The address is also most likely the location of The UPS Store. That hardly seems like the foundation for a top rated company.

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The American Debt Enders website says:

Corporate Information: American Debt Enders conducts business under the DBA name American Debt Enders, a registered DBA under the corporate name Grace Unlimited, LLC. Both are registered with the Secretary of State, in the State of New York. – Source

Grace Unlimited, LLC is registered with the State of New York.

March 2, 2013 Error Report

We received the following statement regarding an error in this article.


At the time the Press Release came out American Debt Enders was in fact rated 3rd by Consumer Reviews for 2013.

We cannot control what anyone else does–and have absolutely no idea why we were moved to 4th, after the release was published.

What I am telling you is a fact. We understand that you would have no way of knowing this-however-had you contacted us before you published the story-we could have explained this.

Secondly, we know NY state shows only the actual corporation Grace Unlimited llc, however–We have previously sent to you, and in fact you have published the NY State corporate filing with the Secretary of States Seal, showing that American Debt Enders is a DBA and you have it published on your site.

Again, we have no control over NY State and the DBA has its own Tax Id for Income Tax purposes. We are not going to resend the document as you already have it.

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