I’m Skeptical About Selling Tax Resolution for Tax Defense Network. – Sean

“Dear Steve,

Hello I read this post after some research I had done on the tax industry.

I interviewed for this job (source) and they said i would sell for the biggest and best tax relief company in the country and make more money on commission than I do at my current job making over six figures in commission.

I am only skeptical because I would sell in all states and charge fees including Colorado but your article scared me. What are your thoughts? This was the company that I would sell product. Tax Defense Network. – Source




Dear Sean,

A tax resolution company can only operate through its enrolled agents, lawyers or CPAs. A “sales person” is not going to offer any advice or solutions to a tax problem. If the “sales” position is with a lead generator, your job is going to be to pre-qualify a consumer for referral to another company. It is tough to know if the company is good or bad without understanding the actual functions of the company.

From the job description it seems clear the role of the job will be to close leads and not determine what is in the best interest of the consumer that is counting on you for help and advice.

You must also excel at finding and closing new opportunities in a highly competitive market and thrive as part of a fast growing, successful, expanding sales organization. – Source

If they are advertising and actually offering tax resolution services, they would have to have Enrolled Agents, lawyers or CPAs to do the work. It might be a valid question to ask how many of these qualified individuals they have on staff.

I am immediately concerned about the promises of high commissions. To have high commissions, the company would have to have high sales. The process of tax resolution does not allow a phone counselor/sales person to make a quick determination about the suitability for services. The tax resolution process can take months or even years. If the consumer is paying a high amount upfront, before file review and analysis, it should be a red-flag.

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You may want to review the “Code of Conduct” for the National Association of Tax Resolution Companies to see the best practices and standards of the industry. If the job is simply to qualify leads for a lead generator, it probably won’t be a long or meaningful career move.

But at the end of the day it’s your call. Let me know what you decide to do.

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