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We Went With Fast Track Debt Relief, Also Known as Credit Advocates. – Suzanne

“Dear Steve,

Awhile back I was doing research for a debt solution program. I found your website and if I’m not mistaken you gave a good review of Fast Track Debt Relief. I was so happy to read this. So I spoke to my husband about it and I called this company and enrolled in their program. Since enrolled in the program things have run smoothly until recently.

My question is did you give this company a good review? I am now second guessing my decision. They are also known as Credit Advocates and everything seems to be taking much longer then I thought. I recently found out that none of our creditors were notified that we are working with them and I am so worried that the money we have paid them is not being put to good use. I am I worrying for nothing?




Dear Suzanne,

You can find all the past stories involving Fast Track Debt Relief here. Past stories on Credit Advocates can be found here.

I do not know how long ago you might have enrolled but your attribution of a positive recommendation does not sound familiar.

You are not worrying for nothing. I would be alarmed as well.

It’s probably time for you to ask them for straight answers and if you don’t like what you hear from them, follow this refund guide.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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