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“Dear Steve,

Trying to get a modification on my present home and also to settle 30k on credit cards debts. I am the only one working in my household my 67 yr husband can not find a job after he was forced retirement and my 18 yrs son who just graduate from high school are not able to find a job either . I also have a sick mother who has cancer. I need some help

I contacted new vision relief center 888-973-5690 and spoke with Dave Jacobs he is trying to get me an approval with BOA to modified my loan for a lower rate. He recommended New horizon debt solution spoke with Jason 888-959-3880 to settle 30k with my credit card companies. the 1st one charge me $2,700.00 for a 2% rate for remaining term of loan. the other one $1k to settle with cc companies for a 12,000 that will be repay in a 20 month term. This is to good to be true. Help me and tell me if this companies are legitimate.


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Dear Jannina,

Based on what you shared, the plan laid out makes no sense to me.

It appears you are struggling financially and your obligations take up a majority of your income. As the sole income earner I don’t see how entering into a long drawn out repayment plan is either reasonable or logical.

Apparently you are already struggling with the mortgage and who knows why the balances are on the cards. If they have crept up just trying to make ends meet, that’s an even bigger reason why a repayment plan makes no sense.

At this stage you need to get yourself in a position where you are meeting your basic living obligations and saving money each month. If you are unable to do that, no repayment plan makes sense.

It might might much better sense to click here to meet with a local bankruptcy attorney and discuss how you can get a legal fresh start and second chance.

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As far as the mortgage modification goes, there is no need to pay for help with that. you can talk to a HUD Housing Counselor for free and use the links below for more help.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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