I’m a Disabled Mother Trying to Build Good Credit to Buy a Home. – Stacia

“Dear Steve,

I’ve been reading through your page and am still unsure what I should do. I’m a single disabled mother of an epileptic 14yr old son, just diagnosed on 11/11/11, I have been on Disability since 07′ and for the most part have been doing an amazing job of just getting by.

Recently I’ve been cleaning up my credit to purchase a safe permanent HOME for my son 21yr old daughter, 2yr old grandson and myself. I’m extremely close but have gotten myself in a payday loan and maxed out cards rut to do so.

I know my scores range from 599-670 and my total payments taking out of my checking monthly is around $665.

I desperately need about $4,000 to pay it all off and only have one monthly payment and continue to raise my score….where can I turn and what can I do before I get so far behind I lose it all!?!?! SERIOUSLY OVER STRESSED


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Dear Stacia,

Unfortunately, once you get into a spot like that I don’t know of any legitimate lender that would be willing to make a loan.

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Even the lenders I normally recommend, Lending Club and Prosper don’t usually lend down to those scores. You can apply for one of those debt consolidation loans but there would be absolutely no guarantees you’d get approved.

The payday loan is the most damaging and costly to your financial health. By the time that’s over with it will have cost you a fortune. And the maxed out cards, it seems like in your focused effort to pay off others debts you would up digging a deeper hole. When you cards get maxed out they actually hurt your score rather than help it.

I recognize you are trying hard to build a better life. If you had a family member who could help you to pay off the cards and payday loans that could do the trick and your good payment record on the credit cards would help to boost your score.

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Is the $4,000 all the debt you owe?

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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