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Estate Law Group Took Our Money. – Sussie

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Steve,

I was sent a card in the mail from Estate Law Group in Irvine, California about a loan modification to our existing mortgage, and it stated our lending companies’ name.

I called the number on the card and was connected to a “case manager”. He said that I had to fill out all these forms that looked pretty legal, and asked for bank statements and pay stubs and all our current debts.

We had to go through an interview process that took over an hour on the phone, and we had to write a hardship letter and tell the company why we fell into our current situation.

He then called back after receiving the compiled documents and said that we were approved and that they would take on our case.

He said that we can stop paying our mortgage for a total of 3 months because it would look better to the mortgage company if we were showing financial difficulties (up until this point we had never missed or been late on our mortgage payment).

He said that he would email me a packet and that it needed to be completed as soon as possible and that he would send a FedEx driver to our house to pick up this packet, and that I should put the first check for the first installment of payment in with this packet.

They gave me a website with a case number so I could check on the status of my case and everything. Well I was about to send in the 3rd and final installment of payment when our other lending institute from which I wired the money from, called me on the phone and said that there was some suspicion about the company that I was wiring the money to and asked if I still wanted to send the money.

Well after that, I started delving into this Estate Law Group deeper and tried to call my “case manager” for days and his number has been busy everytime I call.

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I have tried to call other numbers that they have called me from regarding this modification and all the numbers are either busy or have a recorded message.

I have tried to email and have not gotten a response. I left a voicemail saying that they would not receive the last payment until I hear back from them. I still have not received word from anyone.

I feel like I have been scammed and need to know where to go from here. I feel stupid for falling into to this scam and now we are 2 months behind on our mortgage and out $2400. I have talked to our mortgage company and they told me that they have never been contacted by Estate Law Group in my behalf.

I wonder if there is anything that we can do to get our money back? I have gone to their website and cannot find any of the names that the “case manager” has given me, and if they are not real, how do I contact them with a certified letter? I feel at a loss, can you please help?



Dear Sussie,

I fear Estate Law Group did a runner and have closed up. The complaints from other people are coming in fast and furious.

It’s so tough to read your story because it is the classic sales job. They made it look and sound all official but when they told you to stop making your payments, even though you could afford to make them, that’s when it began to all fall apart.

I’m afraid to tell you you’ve been conned. And the chances of you recovering any money are slim. But there is a process for you to fight and claw to try and recover some money. Please follow my step-by-step guide on how to try and get a refund.

And if they are unresponsive, follow all the steps about complaining to the authorities.

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