Profile Defenders Wants to Charge to Bury Postings From GetOutOfDebt.org

A reader pointed out an interesting post on a site from a company called Profile Defenders that appears to make a claim they have some sort of control over what appears on this site. – Source

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Their fees for this service are upwards of $10,000. There are additional plans as well. – Source

I want to make it very clear that this site does not participate in any such program or accept any money to remove posts and I want to make sure if anyone pays for such a service that they understand there is no relationship between Profile Defenders and GetOutOfDebt.org.

The site does not engage in “online smear campaigns” as Profile Defenders alleges. And we give multiple ways for any company to respond to any facts, post or consumer issue raised on the site.

We work hard to verify the facts before we publish and you will notice that almost every story links to the source documentation where the information was obtained.

Companies are always welcome to post comments to give their side of an issue and report any error they find.

We even publish a guide How to Handle a Consumer Complaint Like a Pro And Come Out Smelling Like a Rose specifically to help anyone that may have appeared on the site that wants to respond to it.

Before anyone considers spending such massive sums of money, please consider reading our guide and responding to the consumer issue for free.

Many readers would rather work with a company that helps their consumers that might be struggling or have an issue. Assisting the consumer to remedy their issue for free might be a much more effective investment.

If you are considering using Profile Defenders it might be a smart idea to check them out first. We have not but we do publish a free guide on how to do that.

And one point to ponder. If Profile Defenders does such an awesome job removing complaints about companies then why are there complaints about them at the top of Google. – Source


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5 thoughts on “Profile Defenders Wants to Charge to Bury Postings From GetOutOfDebt.org”

  1. Public Defenders is listed as being a company in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. They can be reached at 202-709-6571. This number is owned by Cricket Communications Inc. -DC with a utilities certificate of service out of Colorado. And yes, this bogus telecommunication company called Cricket is owned by Eitan Kimelman.

    So the post below out of NY, NY makes sense as Eitan Kimelman lives in Brooklyn, NY and works in a bogus “law firm” that is not a law firm but a room with phone hobbyists like himself. Yes, he is familiar with lawsuits because his bogus companies do sue legitimate companies. These lawsuits are posted on the internet.

    • Eitan Kimelman’s attorney has contacted the site and has indicated a willingness to sue this commenter. We have advised the attorney that if that is what they choose to do we have no control over that and if we receive a subpoena, we will post the subpoena to allow the commenter a chance to deal with the subpoena.

      It is the site policy to not remove comments, as laid out in the site terms. However, if the same commenter wants to offer a correction or retraction to their comments we would be willing to publish that.

  2. And a quick Google Search turns up….. Drum Roll Please

    NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire -07/25/12)- Park Avenue Funding sues Profile Defenders and its Principals, David Lynn and Richart Ruddie. Park Avenue Funding (PAF), a mortgage investment firm, sued Profile Defenders and its principals, David Lynn and Richart Ruddie, in Superior Court of Ocean County, New Jersey. In the lawsuit, PAF asserts that it hired Profile Defenders to help it manage its internet reputation. According to the suit, Profile Defenders, rather than assisting PAF, used confidential information that PAF provided to it to blackmail PAF in an attempt to extort money from them with threats to further damage their online reputation. PAF filed the lawsuit to illustrate the dangers of providing confidential information to unknown “web companies” who claim to do “reputation cleanup” or otherwise monitor your “internet presence.” Bruno de Vinck, Officer of PAF, said, “These firms can very well turn out to be the client’s worst enemies that they actually brought upon themselves.”

    So let me get this straight. If a company is ripping off consumers and this site catches them in the act, they can then turn around and get ripped off by profile defenders?

    Isn’t that just poetic justice 🙂

    If a scamer gets scamed in the forest, does anybody hear it? ha ha


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