Reader Says I Should Look at Credit Services Today as New Formation of Credit Alliance Group

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the following information.

“Credit Alliance Group has reopened as credit services today at a Seattle address offering debt settlement and credit monitoring. When you click on the link for the debt calculator on the new website at creditservicestoday.net look at the address bar of your browser, it takes you to the old CAG web page that has been taken down. Their address info is

701 Fifth Avenue
42nd Floor
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: (206) 262-7335
Fax: (206) 262-8001”

What I Found

As the reader said, the link on the debt calculator did go to www.creditalliancegroup.net/debt_calculator.php. You can see the link below.

Credit Services Today (20130326)

Credit Services Today claims to be located in the State of Washington but a search of public records could not locate any such company that is registered to do business.

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 3.08.23 PM

I could not locate any definitive information to link the two companies together other circumstantial information.

Besides the link on the Credit Services Today site going to creditalliancegroup.net, a look at the source code of the site revealed

And the code for the lead generation form went to:

form action="https://secure.leads360.com/Import.aspx?Provider=CreditAllianceGroup&
Client=CreditAllianceGroup&CampaignId=5&URL= http://www.creditalliancegroup.net/quote_thank_you.php" method="post" class="niceform"

a href="//privacy-policy.truste.com/click-to-verify/www.creditalliancegroup.net" target="_blank"

a href="https://trustsealinfo.verisign.com/splash?form_file=fdf/splash.fdf&dn=www.creditalliancegroup.net&lang=en" target="_blank"

a href="http://twitter.com/CreditAlliance" target="_blank">Twitter< a href="http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dallas-TX/Credit-Alliance-Group/110481165653657?ref=ts" target="_blank">Facebook< a href="mailto:info@creditalliancegroup.net">Email<

I'll let you make up your own mind what this might mean.

It seems Credit Alliance Group and D'Andrea Horne and George Spray ran into a bit of trouble in Texas.

Corporate Alliance Services

Another reader also said:

"As I stated in my last correspondence to you, Shane Garner and his son Bryan Garner are both operating newly formed businesses from the same location as the now defunct Credit Alliance Group: 1717 Main Street Suite 5800 58th floor, Dallas Tx. 75201.

Shane now operates Corporate Alliance Services...a backend accounting company and hr type provider

His son Bryan is operating International Trade Asset Group. It appears that they sell heavy machinery.

It would be my guess that the money taken from CAG Debt Settlement Clients who received little or NO services and ultimately had settlement funds stolen to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars OR MORE, have bank rolled his new business ventures.

Sure would be nice to see this crook behind bars, rather than behind the wheel of new BMW ---also paid for by the Debt Settlement Clients that he has stolen from."

It does look like creditservicestoday.com does go to a company "powered by Corporate Alliance Services."

Credit Services Today, Inc.
1717 Main Street
58th Floor, Suite 5800
Dallas, Texas 75201 - Credit Services Today

A search of the State of Texas records could not locate a company that was registered to do business under the name Credit Services Today.

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 3.45.00 PM


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