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KEL Attorneys and Ample Legal Service Target Senior Citizens for Debt Settlement Services

Written by Steve Rhode

In what I first though was an early April Fools joke, KEL Attorneys out of Florida has sent out a press release that targets senior citizens for debt settlement services.

Could this be the same KEL Attorneys that got booted out of the BBB in 2011?

The press release, issued on March 14, 2013, said:

“It is extremely important for seniors to monitor their outstanding debts, especially revolving debt like credit and store cards. Many of these kinds of debts can be resolved by negotiating with the card issuers and settled for much less than what is actually owed. Taking an aggressive approach to settle as many of these types of debt can substantially stretch the often fixed income of seniors post-retirement,” concludes KEL Attorneys in a recent press statement.” – Source

That has got to be the most screwed up logic I’ve seen. If the issue is to protect seniors to stretch income then the first option to look at should be bankruptcy to discharge their debt and preserve there remaining assets, not drain them to settle.

But maybe their avoidance of bankruptcy has something to do with KEL being banned form bankruptcy court in 2011. – Source

KEL Attorneys says, “KEL Attorneys believe that senior citizens currently in or approaching the retirement phase should become more adamant about pursuing debt settlement, negotiation or resolution options.”


The press release also says, “KEL Attorneys notes that many citizens may have sought to settle their debts in order to establish a more favorable credit history for the future.”

But how in the world would clients of KEL Attorneys that with debt settlement since the forgiven debt would appear as a negative item on the credit report for seven years?

With this type of assbackwards logic, it seems that anyone with debt problems, and especially senior citizens, thinking of working with KEL Attorneys should get a second opinion.

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A big hat tip to the kind reader that sent this in to me.


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