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Private Student Loan Lender Wants to Garnish My Wages. – Adriana


“Dear Steve,

Defaulted loans on private college

I have been getting emails and calls saying that my loans have defaulted and my wages and taxes are at risk to be garnished, I had to withdraw from school due to financial problems as they required an unpaid externship to graduate and I simply could not afford to work 1 month for FREE. My question is, if I am a single parent I work full time and am also getting assistance from the state (I receive food stamps and get help paying for childcare) can they still garnish my wages? This would leave me and my daughter homeless, I am not sure about what to do at this point. Please help!


Dear Adriana,

If you get your wages garnished depends on how much money you make and what state you live in. There are minimums they can’t garnish wages on.

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