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How Do I Get My Master Promissory Note From American Education Services? – Rosey

“Dear Steve,

Cannot obtain my Master Promissory Note from my consolidated private student loans. The private student loan consolidation was done through Xpress Student Loans. Xpress Student Loans has become American Education Services. They say they do not have the promissory note for the private student loans that I consolidated with Xpress Student Loans. They told me to contact the original lender in which I did and they said that they woukd submit a request for them to mail the Master Promissory Notes.

How can I obtain this information when Xpress Student Loans has been converted to American Education Success?


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Dear Rosey,

It sounds like you already got the ball rolling and there is a promise they will send it. Of course it might just be that no note can be presented. In that case your loans may be invalidated but I would suggest you talk to an attorney that is licensed in your state or a consumer advocate attorney from

In the meantime I would suggest you send your request for the note by certified return receipt requested mail and keep the receipt card with a copy of your written request. This documentation will come in handy if it can’t be produced.

With all the general loan shenanigans that has gone on over the past five years or so I would not be surprised if they could not find the note and be able to validate your debt.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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