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“Dear Steve,

I have read many of your articles about mortgage debt reduction. I am a little confused here. Is there not one “boutique” law firm in your opinion that really is trying to do something for us?

I have read your postings about Resolution Law Group and am actually dealing with them now. I believe my mortgage was definitley part of the robo signing and therefore costing me money. I have tried dealing w/the owner of my mortgage, a private investor, with some success. They did give a me a fixed rate of 4.875% a while back yet with my wife and my salaries changing (hours cut), never missed a payment and in debt, they refuse to help me now. I was only looking for a refinance to current standards and they will not do this. I am upside down in my home (getting closer yet waiting for the day home prices decrease once again) and am mad. I am looking for help in getting even with this private investors.

Because my home is not owned by a government agency, I cannot use their mortgage help. I am constantly in contact with Resolution, they are good in getting back with me, I can following my payments on line, they have a legitiment law suit within the state of NY (I beleive) and update me to what is going on. What else do I need to feel confident this is a good plan of action for me?


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Dear Randy,

If you want to feel confident, ask them to show you proof of someone in your similar situation in your state that obtained the relief they promised.

If they are so strongly believe your case will be successful, ask to see the money back guarantee if they don’t achieve what they promised you.

It might just be you can no longer afford your home and need to sell it.

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Finally, if you have any reservations at all about the services you are paying for, get a second opinion from a licensed real estate attorney in your state.

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  1. Steve, this company is continuing to solicit for clients with the promise of results but with an upfront admin fee of $5000 + and the 30% contingency. They also claim they are filing these tort claims with 99 clients per claim, however in the New York case it is clearly 999 plaintiffs. Can you investigate? $5 million seems like overkill for admin fees even with a case this big!


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