I Want to Charge Dominic DeSandro of Freedom Financial With Theft. – Phil

“Dear Steve,

I too am a client of Freedom Financial (www.christiandebtlaw.com) . I made monthly payments via bank draft for about 3 years to a “savings” account that Freedom Financial set up for paying settlements. Freedom Financial initially paid 2 of my accounts just as they said they would, then they haven’t paid anything since. I am no longer sending them any money, but they have $7600 of MY money and I can’t get them to send it to me. I have been in contact with the owner (Dominic DeSandro) and he keeps stalling…..first by telling me I needed to send in a termination letter , which I did. I even sent it certified with a signature required….which I got back. He still hasn’t sent me anything. I keep calling and he keeps stalling.

I contacted the San Diego Police Dept and asked them for their help (also said I wanted to charge Dominic with theft)……if nothing else just to pay him a visit (if they can find him) and rattle his cage. Do you think they will help or am I wasting my time?


White Collar Criminal

Dear Phil,

I think you should follow whatever path necessary so that you and the company can reach an amicable agreement that makes you both happy.

You might want to read How to Try to Get a Refund From a Debt Relief Company.

It is a bit disappointing a company that claims to be a Christian organization isn’t behaving more Christian like.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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9 thoughts on “I Want to Charge Dominic DeSandro of Freedom Financial With Theft. – Phil”

  1. I’ve been getting pranked from 877 828-7254 so I went to google to check out the number. The people who post there say that this number calls them too but their caller ID’s also show the numbers 214 276-0070 and 214 276- 0062.. These numbers belong to Financial Freedom of America, Inc. aka Financial Freedom Group out of Dallas, TX.. These phone numbers belong to a bogus telecommunications company known as TW Telecom-TX which is owned by Eitan KImelman. Eitan Kimelman mailed his forms in to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission under Dollar Phones Enterprises Inc. d/b/a/ DPE. So it seems his license is in Colorado (maybe) but he is doing business illegally in Texas. I bet he has no license to operate in Texas.

    His brother Abraham KImelman ws caught by the Texas Attorney General in 2009 and owes folks lots of money for a scam involving his company, Four Peaks Financial Services.

    In addition, on 8/24/09 the California Corporations Commissioner served Financial Freedom with a desist and refrain order.

    When I called the above numbers today for Financial Freedom it was answerd by a woman who said “Golds Gym”. I said I wasn’t calling Golds Gym. She said “then you must want Financial Freedom. I don’t know why it still rings here”. She gave me a toll free number to call. I won’t be calling it. WEIRD characters!!

    Eitan Kimelman runs his scams with his brothers Yaron Kimelman and Abraham Kimelman as well as their wives.

    This company has no real person named Cory Butcher.

    • Eitan Kimelman’s attorney has contacted the site and has indicated a willingness to sue this commenter. We have advised the attorney that if that is what they choose to do we have no control over that and if we receive a subpoena, we will post the subpoena to allow Mary a chance to deal with the subpoena.

      It is the site policy to not remove comments, as laid out in the site terms. However, if the same commenter wants to offer a correction or retraction to their comments we would be willing for her to publish that comment.

  2. Please also note Phil that the thieves/scammers monitor this website and every other one where people are posting about their crimes against humanity. What a bunch od sickos. Are they rejoicing in the pain they have caused othersw???

  3. Phil,
    the owner of this bogus company is not “Dominic DeSandro”. I know who the thieves are and they are not christians either but Lubavitchers. In my opinion they should be charged also with a hate crime because they are targeting christians to harm the name of Christ.
    I want to find a way to connect with you and /or your lawyer as I have information that will help you locate the thieves.

      • Dear Phil,

        Sorry for the dealy. I don’t check these things everyday. I hope that you will see this post. I’m wondering if you could have Steve send me your email address so we can connect. I will email you. Then we can both know that it is legit. If Steve does this, I will share the contact information you need to sue these bums. I hope that everyone follows suit.

  4. Just got an appointment with a local lawyer for Friday…..Says we may have a case.
    Will let you know what transpires.


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