My Son Was an Authorized User on My Credit Cards and I Filed Bankruptcy. – Betty

“Dear Steve,

I am a Mother with a recent Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I put my sons name on 2 of my credit cards as an authorized user in case of an emergency and actually forgot about it …. he never used either card. Now he has those 2 cards listed as Bankruptcy on his “very clean” credit report. He could not even qualify to buy his girlfriend an engagement ring ….. needless to say, he is not happy.

How can we have that removed from his credit report ? Help !!


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Dear Betty,

Since he is only an authorized user those accounts do not count towards his credit score. It sounds like his score is low because he does not have enough of his own credit.

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He should read How to Easily Rebuild Your Credit and Have Good Credit Again.

This will get him on track to building his own good credit.

He should also consider signing up for Credit Karma and monitor his credit score for free. He can use their online credit score calculator and see what it will take to increase his score.

You can relax, you should feel not guilty.

While the card is reflected as included in bankruptcy his public records section of his consolidated credit report should reflect he did not file bankruptcy.

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