My Merchant Account is Getting Lots of Charge Backs Because of My Fulfillment People. – Hendi

“Dear Steve,

Doing joint venture with some people and now they don’t fulfill the clients order, ending up giving a charge-backs to my merchant account under my company name.

Thank you for having some time to read this and respond to my questions.

So my questions is do I have rights to file this to a debt collectors and try to collect the money that I already send to them when I receive the money from my merchant account?

I have all the legal documents agreements between me and them. they supposed to fulfill the orders when I give them the money. so this is the scenario, I have my company and merchants account and use them to charge credit card clients and the sales is from them, so when the money goes into my merchant account I send it to them their parts of the money for them to fulfill the orders, but apparently they don’t do it.

and now all the clients, not all but most of em they don’t get their services. and now they charging back all the credit card transactions. so is there any solutions for me Steve that you can recommended to me so I don’t loose money, I mean I already lost some money because of this also.


warehouse and worker

Dear Hendi,

It sounds as if this unreliable partner is your partner or vendor. Ultimately they are filling the orders on your behalf so essentially to the outside world they are a reflection of your company.

If the fulfillment partner is not doing their job you would have to go after them and fix the relationship.

As long as the product is charged to your merchant account and they do not do the fulfillment job properly it will come back and be charged against your merchant account. The fulfillment house is not responsible for the merchant account since they are acting as your agent just to fill orders.

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It’s a good lesson in making sure you pick your business partners wisely and to act fast to not let problems like this get out of hand.

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