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“Dear Steve,

I had several payday loans that I took out on line.Each one was for $250.00. I payed on it for a while just the interest. I got in touch with a consolidation company that said they could help . They kept saying that they would help but they never did.

I have made arrangments with 2 companies to pay back the loans. The 3rd company has sold my loan to a 3rd party collection agency called creditors collection agency.

They are calling my work & telling my boss that they are going to serve me with papers. I called them and the guy on the other end now says that I owe $430.00. I told him that i will file bankrupty & he was still nasty & threatened to get me for check fraud.

My question is can they do that. He said that they don’t care about the loan at that point that they will file check fraud on me. Can they do this?


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Dear Dave,

Will they go after you for check fraud, probably not.

But if this collector is calling your work and divulging anything about your debt then you might have a Fair Debt Collections Practices Act case against them. You might search online and find an FDCPA attorney that might represent you.

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Otherwise, if you have any doubt the amount they are attempting to collect is factual, see How to Dispute and Ask a Debt Collector to Validate a Debt.

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