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Dear Steve,

I’ve enjoyed your site for many years. Thank you for your contributions. I do have a question for you that you may be able to help. I’ve had a debt settlement company for about 20 + years. I deal mainly with Commercial, business to business debt and not consumer.

Occasionally I get people wanting me to settle their personal credit card debt from various states. I am away of the FTC restrictions, but I do not know what additions restrictions may apply on a state by state basis. Do you have access to a resource where I can look up each state’s requirements to operate with consumers and businesses within their states?

Thank you.


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Dear Roger,

Let me first commend you for doing the right thing and getting the facts.

Frankly it is a dysfunctional patchwork quilt with many states having widely different regulations, licensing, and bonding requirements.

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In the past we offered this free compliance program to help companies research the different state rules and regulations.

It was managed by USDR and I have no idea if they are still managing it.

But, just to make double and triple sure you are not wandering into hot water I would strongly suggest you contact one of the following law firms that specialize in debt settlement laws and compliance.

Jeffrey Tenenbaum and Jonathan L. Pompan

Loeb & Loeb
Michael Mallow and Michael Thurman

I would suggest focusing on one state at a time with whoever you decide to work with and making sure you are compliant. Until then you should absolutely avoid Washington, Kansas, West Virginia, Georgia, Colorado and Connecticut.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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