I Owe Old UK Court Fines. How Can I Start Paying Them? – Anthony

“Dear Jon,

I live out side the uk I have old court fines of 6400 pound ,they are 17 years old how can I find out if they are active and start to pay them and not go to prison



You could begin by contacting the court where the fines originated and they may be able to help you. Due to the age of the fines they may not have records that cover back that far.

Have you received any correspondence or post from any collection agency or the courts? If so then obviously speaking to them is a good start.

You could get a copy of your credit history, but this may be difficult if you are outside the UK depending on where you are now living.

You wouldn’t go to prison just for owing debts, even fines, unless the fines stem from some criminal or fraudulent activity.

Let me know how you get on with this.



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