How Do I Get Midland Credit Management to Stop Calling Me?

“Dear Steve,

Calls started mid October 10/12. Always let unknown calls go directly to VM. Multiple calls – never a message.

Sent Cease & Desist letters via certified/return receipt to both of the published California addresses on 11/16/12. Received both return receipts.

Calls started again n 11/26/12 – 19 calls to date.

I have NEVER spoken with a representative of Midland nor received any written communication from them. There is nothing on my credit reports. Consequently I have no identifying number or any other information to use.

What is my next step to stop these non stop phone calls?”

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I think we should start with the obvious. Next time they call, answer it. It might just be they have the wrong number for someone and are calling your number.

We just need more information to get to the bottom of it but if they don’t have you in their system and have your number as an incorrect number for someone else, that would be a logical reason why calls are not stopping and your letter was not effective.

Pick up the phone, be nice, but get more details.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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