How Do I Take Care of The Two Old Debts on My Credit Report? – Alexandra

“Dear Steve,

I used to have a Chase Credit Card for $500. I haven’t used it since 2008 and because of some problems and no money at that time couldn’t afford to pay it out ($331). Now I got stuck with this credit card reporting each month on my Credit history as a collection. Also I have a medical Collection of $55. I used to live in Maryland and after I moved to Miami. The Dr. office sent me the bill on my Maryland address and because I wasn’t living there anymore, didn’t know I have to pay this additional $55. Now I got stuck with them as a collection on my Credit History also.

Is there anyway I can pay these amounts and get them cleared of my Credit History, or is there a legit company that can help me fix this issue on my history.

Thank you very much Steve and looking forward for your advises.

Best Regards,


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Dear Alexandra,

Sounds like you should just pay them in full and have them noted as closed on your credit report.

There doesn’t sound as if there is any dispute you owe the debt and having good credit is not about hiding the past but about having current good credit reported about you. See The Get Out of Debt Guy Free and Easy Credit Repair Guide

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