I Want to Sue World Law Group for Doing Nothing but Getting Me Sued by Discover. – Sherrie

“Dear Steve,

I was contacted by World Law Group 10 months ago when I was struggling to make payments on my credit cards as I was returning to school to obtain my masters Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

I was told that due to the reason for my pay being cut that i qualified for this offer due to the hardship act passed in congress.

I was told that they could get my debt paid off in 4.5 years by putting $666.36 into a special interest account each month. I received two letters in the mail last Thurs stating that I was being sued.

I faxed these to my legal team and called, spoke with Ryan who told me these were solicitation letters, but Discover would probably be mailing something soon and when they did fax it and call ASAP.

The next day, I was served with a suit from Discover. I faxed it, called Ryan at World Law that morning and he did not receive the fax (huh, all of my monthly faxes were received – I have email confirmation). I re-faxed t he suit again that afternoon, called Ryan and had to leave a message. I haven’t been able to reach anyone since.

I spoke with my creditors and asked for copies of all transactions regarding my accounts and there has been none.

Also, I was told that the interest would continue to accumulate during negotiations, but due to their lack of negotiating, having POA over my accounts, and still taking these fees out, would this not be considered paying for a service not being provided?

That is stealing and that is illegal. Also, I did not return calls to creditors as I was told by my legal team that I was to forward everything to them. Again, paying for services not rendered.

I have resolved my issues with my creditors and halted payments going into that special interest account at Global Client Solutions, emailed GCS and informed them that effective today there will be no further actions on this account and it is to be closed. I am unable to reach World Law to proceed with terminating my agreement

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Do I have a case? (I did notify the Attorney General of PA)

How do I terminate this agreement with World Law Group as I only deal with them via phone and the contract states to terminate I have sign a notice of cancellation that gives them permission to contact my creditors (I don’t want them anywhere near my creditors) and the cancellation has to be notarized.

How do I get the address to send them a registered letter and does it really have to be notarized or on that form?


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Dear Sherrie,

I should be shocked by all of this but I’ve heard it so often that it has become rather common place.

When you enroll in a debt settlement program the fees and penalties continue to accumulate until the debt is either paid in full, settled, or discharged by bankruptcy. The debt settlement industry calls it accretion and is fully aware it happens. In fact, see this article where they disclose it in their glowing presentation about debt settlement.

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If you don’t pay you monthly minimum payment can be sued by your creditors. Period.

There was never any sort of hardship program as you described. If that’s what you were told then the sales person lied to you.

Do you have a case? Well you probably have a valid reason to take some sort of action for unfair and deceptive trade practices, as others have, if that’s what you want to do. You’d need to consult with a local attorney for specific legal advice in your state. I am not a lawyer.

If they are hiding from you then I’d suggest you contact Global Client Solutions and ask for the contact information for whatever version of World Law you were dealing with.

Once you get that information then you might want to consider following my guide How to Try to Get a Refund From a Debt Relief Company to start the process of making a request to get your money back. Follow all the steps in that guide.

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