AFCC Takes Some Action and Suspends Mission Settlement Agency

Yesterday I wrote an article that was critical of the AFCC for their lack of action against Mission Settlement Agency and Rescue One. I have to give them a pat on the back for doing something this time.

The AFCC has taken a little bit of action and suspended Mission Settlement Agency as a member. In my opinion they should have booted their ass out since two Mission employees have already pled guilty.

But at least they did something, unlike the nothing they’ve done about the Rescue One loan mailer issue I’ve written about before.

But as of right now, Mission Settlement Agency is not on the AFCC website. – Source

The AFCC has just issued the following press release on the matter.

The American Fair Credit Council (“AFCC”), the industry trade group representing the consumer debt resolution industry, announced today that Mission Settlement Agency, an AFCC member, has been suspended pending the resolution of a criminal referral of Mission Settlement by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) to the United States Department of Justice.

“While we take no position on the pending indictment, we cannot allow any allegations of improper behavior to place at risk the hard-won reputation of the AFCC in the minds of consumers seeking debt resolution services,” said Robert Linderman, Vice President of the Executive Board of the AFCC.

“The AFCC was founded on the pledge by each of its members to scrupulously observe the Federal Trade Commission’s rules, particularly the FTC’s prohibition on the collection of advance fees, and any member suspected of failing to observe those rules will be immediately suspended until all questions are resolved.”

Following up on Mr. Linderman‘s comments, Tomas Gordon, a member of the Executive Board, observed, “The AFCC investigates promptly any allegation of misconduct by any member and, if appropriate, makes enforcement referrals to both the CFPB and the FTC. We take very seriously any allegation of consumer harm and will, to the best of our ability, cooperate in any investigation of possible misconduct by the authorities.”

American Fair Credit Council

That’s awesome guys but explain to me why you have not taken any action over the Rescue One Financial mailers? Want to see my stories on the matter, click here.

You can’t be a trusted consumer resource if you only take action when members are criminally charged and not when valid and substantiated issues are raised about your members.


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3 thoughts on “AFCC Takes Some Action and Suspends Mission Settlement Agency”

  1. I know these people they tried to steal money from me they hacked into my bank account and took thousands of dollars I have thusands of dollars and they stole it using the internet and computers they are thieves and Rescue One Financial will stael from you.

  2. Rescue One Financial is Satan incarnate. I have been tracking them for years. they keep mailing me handwritten letters, telling me they will rape me again if I don’t comply. I DON’T DO THAT ANYMORE, STOP ASKING. I know who you are, Rescue one Financial, stop talking to me.

  3. Is this the hard – won reputation AFCC has achieved – as you
    can have a company history like this and still be a board member of the AFCC – looks like the only ones believing they have a good reputation is the AFCC members – Curious how many referrals the AFCC has given to the CFBP or FTC about its membership

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