Is Green Student and StudentLoanService.us for Real?

“Dear Steve,

Can someone check this website out for me before I make a mistake and sink my money into it to get out of debt with my Federal student loan? I called them up and they gave me a spelle saying that if I gave them 1% of my Student loan debt of 60,399.00 that they could erase my loan pay it in full and put me on the IBR program and charge me 39.00 a year for 120 payments and then it would be forgiven…?”


Student Loan Service.US
Additional Locations
Phone: (877) 927-6859 Fax: (877) 268-474 44747
Viewridge Ave #200, San Diego, CA 92123



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Kind regards,

Ricardo Alves
Green Student
Direct Phone: 561-450-9105
Direct Fax: 561-853-0875
E-mail: Ricardo@greenstudent.com”

run away

That’s a horrible offer for something you can do yourself, for free!

Just read my guide, The Ultimate Guide to Dealing With Student Loans You Can’t Afford and follow the advice in there.

Also read Student Loan Assistance Rescue Scams On the Rise – Buyer Beware to educate yourself about the marketing pitch.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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8 thoughts on “Is Green Student and StudentLoanService.us for Real?”

  1. STUDENTLOANSERVICES.US ARE SCAM ARTISTS!!!! I just found out today which was not voiced to me correctly in the initial call that this “processing fee” they asked me to pay of $540 for my loans to be forgiven after 240 months is false. Also, I was told that I was eligible for $49 monthly payments or 240 months and as stated, all else will be forgiven due to the processing fee. HOWEVER, now I have been told they are a third party company (like filing your taxes with H&R Block versus online for free) and the $540 was an entrance fee to join their company, and the $49 a month is a service fee to “keep my loans as low as possible for 240 months, and at the moment my loans are $0.” See where the wording is tricky? I was never told the $49 a month was a service fee I was just told that was the payments I were eligible for. Since I thought we were talking strictly about my loans it was interpreted that these were for my loan payments. So I’ve lost out on money to this company for absolutely no reason, and none of it has gone toward my loans. I was already eligible through Great Lakes for pay as you earn income, being $0 through my school. The confusion started when I sent a consolidation application through my school and I was told I would be contacted about payment plans in a few days. UNFORTUNATELY, STUDENT LOANS SERVICES WAS THE FIRST TO CONTACT ME, starting the confusion. The representative also, after explaining my “plan” exactly the way I stated here, advised me after his explanations to check all these boxes one after another on the contract I signed. Since I trusted his explanations, I checked the boxes and signed the contract. WATCH OUT FOR THEM!!!!!! Does anyone know what I can do about this? I’m going to reach out to several people tomorrow about this BS contract and company.

      • GreenStudent is a joke and they’re a bunch of thieves as well as being scammers. We made the mistake of getting into bed with them to consolidate my daughters student loans. After we cancelled the contract and told them we no longer wanted their services, they went into my daughters checking account and “stole” the monthly fee and refuse to return it. I would love to sue them, but it would cost me more to do it then it’s worth and this is the attitude that their customer service rep, Demi portrayed in our conversations. We’ve cancelled the draft so they can’t STEAL any more money. Now, I’m taking to the internet to warn others NOT to fall for their lies and deceitful ways!!!

  2. so did anyone follow up with this? I’m considering getting help from Green Student but am very doubtful. So far they are asking for a $500 fee for the consolidation services, plus a $39/m maintenance fee. They are offering to pay my $50,000 loan off, according to them i qualify for public service program and will pay as little as $40/m for 10 years and then have my loan forgiven. What do you think? Unfortunately, I already signed up for the program because it sounded so good, then I started to feel like I made a mistake, 4 days later I’ve called and left a message that I’d like to cancel and have more time to think about it. I hope this is possible. Can you give me some advice? Thanks.


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