Illinois Title Loans is Harassing Me. – Danny

“Dear Steve,

I have a title loan out from Illinois Title Loans I was recently admitted to the hospital with a heart attack and told I have MS I sent my girlfriend to make a payment and I was $53 short of the $253 payment a month I have never been short or late prior my question is are they allowed to call me up to 12 times a day my girlfriend 5 or 6 times a day even though she told them my situation and asked them to please tack it on my next months bill then they will call her again 10 minutes later daily they call me my girlfriend now my parents my friends and I have no idea how they are even getting all these numbers as some of them I didnt use as references. Is this considered harassment can they continue to do this?

Is this considered harassment can they continue to do this? What can I do to stop them I cant walk out of the hospital to drive 45 minutes to make a $53.00 payment!


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Dear Danny,

auto title loans narrowI don’t know about it legally being “harassment” but it certainly is not helpful to either you or them.

The problem with contracts is they tend to be absolute and not take into account life realities. I would not put it passed them to repossess the vehicle you pledged as collateral for the loan if you are in default. After all, isn’t that what you agreed to when you borrowed the money? I doubt there was a heart attack provision.

I’m glad you are doing better now. We can be thankful for that, but unless you can come to some arrangement with the title leander on how to handle this situation the odds are this is going to spiral further and further down the drain.

Call the lender and work something out before this gets really costly. Once you do, the calls will stop.

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