How Do Bill Collectors Get Cell Phone Numbers?

I am often asked how debt collectors get a hold of your cell phone or mobile phone number when you have not given it to them. It is actually very easy to do and best yet, you give it to them.

Never call a debt collector on a toll-free number or a direct number if you don’t want them to know the number you are calling from.

If you call a toll-free number you will not be able to block the collector from getting your caller information even if you have caller ID block that prevents others from seeing your number. A debt collector my use a local number for you to call that points to a toll-free number and get your calling phone number that way. You would not be able to tell that it went to a toll-free number and reveled your number.

Either the bill collector got your number that way, you listed it on a previous credit application that was shared with the credit bureau or the debt collector called someone you listed as an alternate contact on a previous credit application, or a neighbor, and got it from them.

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16 thoughts on “How Do Bill Collectors Get Cell Phone Numbers?”

  1. i am a debt collector for a legitamite company, we get our numbers from a paid website source. which is very reliable. ii found so many people. but one thing is ur utility bills. if you ever gave ur utility company ur phone number or address they update info on ur credit report

  2. This information appears not to be true, regarding how cell phone numbers are obtained. I just got a new prepaid phone, and it is not necessary to give a name even to the cell phone provider. The phone was purchased from an individual, not a merchant. The time was purchased from a 3rd party seller of airtime, and only that party was given my name/info.

    I just got a call on this new number, which I have given to one person who lives with me, from Consumer Recovery Associates. Immediately after calling this cell phone, they called my landline. I really want to know how this is done. I only know the caller information because I googled their phone number. I have no debt.


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