What Happens if I Can’t Pay Back My Loan and Go to India? – Feroz

“Dear Steve,

I’m living in the United Arab Emirates and I borrowed a Personal loan for 4 years but now I lost my job.

I cannot pay my Personel loan. If I do not get another job and go to India. what will happen?


Dear Feroz,

The United Arab Emirates is one of those countries that is still far behind the rest of the world and does not have any provision for personal bankruptcy or discharging your debt.

The reality is if you don’t pay because you can’t the lender may file criminal charges against you and this would open a police case. You may then be stopped at the border if you try to enter or leave the UAE. Ironically, people just changing flight in the UAE appear to have no problem.

Leaving the UAE either over a job loss or the inability to pay and facing no other options, is not uncommon.

Lifestyle choices.When you go back to India, you might get collection calls. Some report some severe collection pressure. In that case you might want to change your mobile number if you gave that as your telephone number on the application.

I’ve not heard of anyone going back to India and facing any legal action from their UAE loans.

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Of course, if you could, the best solution to facing this problem debt is to pay the debt. I’m just saying that to stop the people from complaining I’m just suggesting you walk out on your debt.

The most likely danger you would face is if you still had this outstanding debt and wanted to go back to live in the UAE, or any of the other GCC countries of Bahrain – or Kingdom of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman – or Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia – or Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Arrest warrants issued in the UAE may be honored by GCC countries.

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You may hear threats of placing your name on an Interpol arrest list but Interpol has made it clear they do not get involved in such trivial matters and last year even purged such submitted cases.

Let me know how you get along and have a safe journey home.

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