Sameer Qadri, Connecticut is Calling and Looking for $100K

The Connecticut Department of Banking has issued a cease and desist notice and civil penalty to Sameer Qadri and Accredited Law Group. Qadri has also been associated with Estate Law Group.

After a lack of response to many certified letter the State sent Qadri, the State has issued a final cease and desist letter for violation of Connecticut General Statutes on “Debt Adjusters and Debt Negotiation.”

Sameer, if you are reading this the State of Connecticut would kindly appreciate a check for $100,000 made payable to “Treasurer, State of Connecticut.” – Source

On a less expensive note, Rose Marie Hollander Attorney at Law, doing business as Consult Law Group. The State had found the fees charged by Hollander for debt negotiation services were excessive and ordered “Hollander provide repayment of the balance of the fees to identified Connecticut residents and provide repayment of all fees paid by certain other identified Connecticut residents and, among other things, provide evidence of such repayments to the Director of the Consumer Credit Division.”

While Hollander escaped a $100,000 civil penalty she was PERMANENTLY BARRED from engaging or offering to engage in debt negotiation in Connecticut in any capacity. – Source

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4 thoughts on “Sameer Qadri, Connecticut is Calling and Looking for $100K”

  1. Hi Mr. Rhode, I am e-mailing you to give you information about Mr. Sameer Qadri. I know this person and I know about Estate Law Group as well as Accredited Law Group. There was a preexisting loan modification business in place that tied Mr. Qadri’s name to the names of Accredited Law Group and Estate Law Group. Mr. Qadri did not operate these firms, did not hire anyone there or direct their activities and did not solicit or intend to defraud a single client and did not set up their operation in any way. He was just looking for a job after passing the California Bar but they ended up defrauding him, taking advantage of his naivete and tying his name to everything.

    It seems like these firms were a scam, but Sameer Qadri did not set up this scam nor did he keep it going. In fact he ended up shutting them down on February 13th of this year. There were other attorneys before him and there are likely new attorneys working with these scammers. They may be operating under the name of Credence Law Group, but we don’t know for sure. Please tell your readers to beware of these guys, and please try and lay off of Mr. Qadri and remove the post about the Connecticut Department of Banking. He is doing everything he can to try and clear his name but is getting railroaded by the State Bar. His is a true story of bad things happening to good people.

    • Hey Sameer is that you???!?!?!?

      This is a major lie. This guy is a scammer. I know this person. He is mutually known through a family friend and had be been conned he clearly would have told the family and not have kept secrets. At the same time he would be trying to fight for his credibility a long time ago rather than now so he is clearly a fraud. Right when the truth surfaced and people started to complain about him online, then he falsely claims that two ppl stole his information and went around screwing people over.

      He just lost his license to practice law and has been banned by the bar association not too long ago. The person who wrote above me claiming Sameer’s innocence is an immediate family member of his who is trying to cover for him.

      • It’s not a lie, it’s the truth. But talk is cheap, especially on an anonymous forum. Some of the truth should soon be out, including on the California State Bar website where some of the key players involved will likely be called out by name. Just look at this Certificate of Dissolution for Estate Law Group from the California Secretary of State’s Office (hopefully it uploaded). It looks like it speaks for itself.

        The poster above is probably one of the people working in the new operation continuing to take money from more desperate homeowners and is posting here in order to protect their credibility and does not even know Mr. Qadri. If he does, then he should come out and say who this “family” or “family friend” is that he knows Mr. Qadri through.

        And as of today’s date (July 5th, 2013) Mr. Qadri’s license is still active, which shows just how much the poster above really knows.

        • Well looks like it didn’t upload, but you can request a copy of the Certificate of Dissolution for the corporation “Estate Law Group.com” from the California Secretary of State’s Office. You can clearly see that someone other than Mr. Qadri dissolved this corporation and listed themselves as the sole/majority director of the corporation. There can’t be any doubt in your mind when you see this that something fishy is going on.


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