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I Feel Like I Made a Mistake Going With Student Loan – Terry


“Dear Steve,

I have used student loan to help consolidate my student loans. Unfortunately, I didn’t do good enough research before, now I am stuck. Their payments and interest rates are higher than quoted and they did not tell me this before sending my loan info on to my new lender.

Now they refuse to allow me to cancel their services and the $39 a month fees. All I want to do is stop paying them, let me take care of my own loan, and I’m not even asking for refunds of what I have paid.

I read your article about “Student Loan Processing.US” online. I wish I would have sooner. Have you any information about how I can now stop using their service and stop paying the $39 monthly fee? Have you heard of anyone who has been able to do this? I want to service my own loan and not have them help me anymore. Any and all info on what I should do from here would be appreciated.


Dear Terry,

I’m sorry to hear you had a less than optimal experience with that company.

Companies that don’t service their clients fairly and in some way that is mutually agreeable, wind up being the focus on unhappy consumers and complaints.

The “no refund” strategy just doesn’t make any sense unless the strategy is to capture as much money as possible rather than have happy raving fans.

This guide I wrote on how to get a refund would apply to your situation as well.

When pursuing a refund I always suggest you communicate with the company in writing and give them a chance to fix the error and make you a happy client.

If they don’t, you will find a list of places you can then escalate your complaint to if it remains unresolved and you are not satisfied.

Sadly I’m not shocked that there will be some unhappy clients of student loans assistance companies. When people learn they could do it on their own for free, it will really make a lot of people upset.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

Big Hug!
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