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Homeowner’s Relief Line Commercial – Caution

Yesterday I spotted a new debt relief commercial on television for some company that claimed to be Homeowner’s Relief Line. The commercial made all sorts of claims about saving your home from foreclosure, helping with loan modification and giving the impression the consumer is the victim.

In general and in my experience, these types of commercials are funnels for people who are unaware to call and get a sales pitch for advanced fee mortgage help, mass joinder help, or mortgage modification services.

While the part of the advertisement with the fine print is fleeting, it does say, “Homeowner’s Relief Line is NOT a Mortgage Modification or Loss Mitigation or Foreclosure Defense company. We are not attorneys but rather a third party referral source that connects homeowners with mortgage specialists. Calls may be answered by companies other than Homeowner Protection Services.


If you go to the website for Homeowner Protection Services they don’t say where they are located and there is no way to even tell if it is the same company that is running the ads. – Source

But is owned by someone that hides the ownership of the domain name. What is publicly visible is the domain name was only registered on October 2, 2012.

If the company actually said where they were located, I did not see that in the television commercial.

If you need help with a mortgage situation or foreclosure, you might want to try these free resources first.

But if you do decide to use the services of a company like Homeowner’s Relief Line it would be prudent to check them out before you give over any information or money.

  1. The Ultimate Consumer Guide to Checking Out a Debt Relief Company Before You Sign On the Line
  2. How to Check Out a Business or Company to Avoid Getting Scammed or Ripped Off


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  • Hi, I received an invite in the mail and was going to refinance with Home Owners Relief Line for a new mortgage since my mortgage was WAY underwater. I asked the them for a good faith estimate of charges. He was hesitate to give me the information of their fees, and reluctantly gave it me.
    Their fee was more then $10,000, I was shocked. He said it’s okay because at least you’ll have a lower interest rate. Forget it. I was able to refinance with another lender under the HARP II program with my current lender at 4.75% and with 1 point origination fee of $2,440 instead. A far cry from $10,000.

  • You both are idiots. People work very hard helping others get help and save their homes. And as you stated your opinion in the beginning of a TLDR diatribe about how professionals help people not lose their homes. I’ve been doing loan mods for over 5 years and have saved hundreds upon hundreds of homes.

    Yes the law firm charges up front fees. No not affiliated with these people here. But I know from just getting people to pay their fees in full when you get an approval on their mod in less than 30 days if we waited until results were in we would go bankrupt.

  • People never learn, what I dont understand is why try to collect advance fees when the ftc came out and banned them, people are going to jail for this. Loosing your freedom doesn’t have a price.

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