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My Debt Makes Me Sick and I See No Way Out. – Emily


“Dear Steve,

I am in financial turmoil right now and I am extremely stressed out to the point of being sick because of it.

I work a full time job, but I don’t make enough to support myself. I do have some physical restrictions due to the physical nature of my job and having it take its toll on my knees, feet and back.

I have kept the job because when I do get overtime there, I make a lot more than I would working a few days at a second job.

The problem is that we aren’t busy enough for me to get overtime right now. I decided to get a Paralegal degree on line and was promised job placement etc etc but there isn’t anything available in my area where I can make at least what I make now which isn’t much.

I would have to move, which wasn’t part of the deal. My job has a cap when it comes to pay and I met that about 9 years ago and have not had a raise since. It is completely ludicrous I know, but I was trying to take steps to get a better job. Now I have a huge student loan due because I borrowed extra money for living expenses which kept me in my apartment.

In addition to the student loans, I have three different medical bills I owe on and three credit cards that total no more than $1800.00. I am also in a debt consolidation program for another 18 months yet and that takes $253.00 a month out of my income.

I have poor credit because of that so I was denied a loan that would have helped my get caught up on my bills and rent, along with paying off my credit cards, so that I can cancel the one I don’t need anymore.

Do you know of a reputable company that will give loans to individuals with less than perfect credit?

My credit scores are in the low 600’s right now which actually surprised me considering. I looked at a couple of my credit reports and found that the federal loans I had in deferment were reported as delinquent when I have the proof that they were deferred, so I disputed them.

I know I am worrying too much about my credit rating. I read an article last night where you told someone credit can be repaired and not to worry about it so much.

I am having a hard time with that because I had a bankruptcy back in 1999 after I hurt myself at work and the bills piled up and the companies weren’t willing to work with me.

Anywho, I would appreciate any advice and resources you can share with me.

I am looking for reputable resources to try and get a loan, along with any advice you can give in regards to my financial situation.


Dear Emily,

I loved your use of “anywho.” I’m sure we’d be fast friends if we met. Us anywho people have to stick together.

What kind of debt consolidation program are you in now? Can you tell me more about it and even who the company is?

Unless I’ve got this wrong, it looks like you were already in the process of consolidating your debt and then wound up going back to school and most likely funded the education and living expenses with private student loans I’d bet. Am I right?

Here is what I know for sure right now. The fact you are making yourself sick over this debt means we need to come up with a plan and take some action to make things better. If you are feeling physically ill I would bet you may also be dealing with depression caused by this situation as well. In a study I previously did we found that 4 out of 10 people with problem debt were clinically depressed and that held them back as well in getting help.

Seriously, the credit score is the least of my worries right now. I need to get you headed in some direction that will address your situation and we can easily repair the score later. It’s actually stupid easy to do once the debt is dealt with.

Don’t give up. You can do this. There is a better day ahead.

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Big Hug!
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