Is Real Estate Law Center in Pasadena, CA a Scam? – Roland

“Dear Steve,

Is real estate law center in Pasadena Ca a scam? I want info on a case that they have won, but can’t give me any info. They want me to pay money up front. They do not sound like a “real” company.Do you have any info on these people if they are legit?

They said that I would be included in a lawsuit but will not give me a date. They will not deal with my lender directly to protect me, so what am I paying them for. Have they ever won a case?



Dear Roland,

BankYou raise a number of good questions. The “are they a scam” question is always a tough one for me because I don’t know what your definition of a scam is.

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The site has published a number of articles on Real Estate Law Center, including some consumer complaints. You can click here to see them.

This video below from the California Attorney General covers information that can help you put whatever offer the Real Estate Law Center has made to you into context with what the State of California feels is not fair.

Your comment the Real Estate Law Center won’t contact your lender directly is an odd thing for them to do. If you are paying them to represent you how can they do that if they are not representing you. Otherwise it just sounds like you are paying for form filling advice.

If you are hiring them to provide you with legal advice, make sure you speak to the attorney who is licensed in your state who will be representing you. Without an attorney assigned to you that is licensed to practice law in whatever state you live in, there can be no legal representation. You can confirm their licensing status with the State Bar in your state.

There are a number of things you can do on your own for free and information you need to be aware of before you pay any money for mortgage help. Most notably you need to become familiar with the Mortgage Assistance Relief Service Rule.

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