We Are Getting Further Into Debt and Not Sure What to Do. – Karen

Married, with two small children. We are both over 40 with about $75 k credit card debt. Both employed FT. My husband and I both have a large amount of credit card debt…. I have $40k and he has $35k. We can make our minimum payments and we are not behind, but we have no left over money at the end of the month for necessities and we end up using credit that we just paid off.

I don’t see away out… We do of qualify for consolidation loans. We are afraid to file bankruptcy. We don’t want to lose our home. Should we work with a company that will charge us to manage the bills so we can have one lower payment per month? We realize this costs more in the long run, but we don’t know what else to do.


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14 thoughts on “We Are Getting Further Into Debt and Not Sure What to Do. – Karen”

  1. here’s another thought. i just figured this out. i pay my cc’s and i’m broke and then guess what? i have to use cc’s for the things i need, and that keeps me in debt. if you’re paying cc’s with everything you’re making a month, what are you saving? i’m gonna regret trying to hang onto these cards when i’m 70 and pushing a shopping cart around mirror lake and sleeping on park bences. believe me, i have cried, but my sister says you are more than a number. they put all this stuff out there to entice you to buy. look at all the commercials on tv. i thought memorial day is about all the fighting men and women that gave up their lives for us so we can be free and live the american dream. it’s not about Sears scratch n dent sales and free shipping.


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