The Bible Says We Should Owe Nothing. We Pray and Cry About Our Debt All the Time. – Heather

“Dear Steve,

Me and my husband have about 10 credit cards they are in collections we have 2 that are current and the car is current we need help I can only find part time work and my husband only has a part time job he goes to college to get a better job to support us his 4 year degree will be done fall 2014 we live with his parents and have two children we need help and a lot of it we go to church and read the bible that you should not owe for nothing we pray and we cry we just need some guide lines and were to turn help us. We live in Virginia around Virginia tech. We are about 15,000 in debt with the cards


Dear Heather,

It seems your life if full of contradictions.

on one hand you believe you should owe nothing but at the same time you are in debt and taking on more. I’m assuming there are student loans involved.

The good news here is I am familiar with the area you live in and there are a lot of nice things to do and places to go there. You are lucky to live there.

The Bible can be twisted in many different directions. There are those like yourself that say you should never owe anybody and there are those that say bankruptcy is Biblical.

make better choicesEven if we never owed a creditor, are we really ever out of debt? You’ll still owe property taxes, income taxes, insurance, and other things like owing time towards a job to get a check.

So before you drown in guilt and shame here and continue to revolve in prayer and crying, let’s get some clarity here about what it really is that you want to achieve and get you headed in that direction.

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Here is one thing I know for sure. If you change nothing then tomorrow is going to look an awful lot like today.

Are your tears because you feel trapped and in a downward spiral or because you feel you failed your God and owe debt? What is really driving your thought process here?

And while I’m asking questions, let me ask, do you feel you have a greater responsibility to repair your financial past or your financial future?

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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