I Buy Junk Mail. Sell Me Your Junk Mail.

I’m back in the market for advertising letters and mailers (no emails) people receive promising some sort of debt or credit help. As a reward for helping me scout out the latest mailers so I can review them I’m reinstating my “I Buy Junk Mail” program I offered a few years ago.

Why I Do This

I’ve found the best way to protect consumers is to use real examples about offers they may be approached with.

By reviewing specific offers people are actually receiving I can use them as a tool to educate and warn others so they don’t fall for it or understand the offer better before accepting it.

Think of this program as a real world financial literacy tool.

Want to see more mailers I’ve reviewed as part of this program? Click Here.

How Much I Pay

At this time I am paying the following amounts:

  • Debt Relief Offers – $5
    • Eliminate Your Debt
    • Auto Loan Modification
    • Debt Settlement
    • Credit Counseling
    • Debt Consolidation Loan
    • Sue Your Mortgage Company
    • Stop Foreclosure
    • Reduce Your Student Loans
    • And other similar offers
  • Credit Card Offers – $0 right now
  • Credit Repair Offers – $0 right now
  • Debt Collection Notices – $0 right now
  • Regular Junk Mail – You pay me $10. (Just kidding, I don’t want that stuff.)

I Pay Promptly Because I Hate to Be In Debt

In the past I stopped the program simply because I became so overloaded. So this time I’m making the process stricter but simpler for all. But once your submitted material is accepted I pay promptly.

I Will Make Every Attempt to Remove Personal Information Before I Publish

I keep my eyes open and remove personal information from material people send me like names, account numbers, addresses, etc. I always do my very best to remove this information before I publish the material on the website.

However, in order to help protect consumers I may, from time to time, forward mailers submitted, that I accept and pay for, to state, local, or federal regulators. If I do forward those specifically to regulators I will leave your personal information intact. They need to see it for their enforcement efforts.

I Love Simple. Don’t You?

Here is how the new program works.

In order to minimize back and forth communications if I need a mailer or not I’m afraid I’ll have to shift a bit of responsibility on your end. Using the form below you can upload your front and back well scanned images of the mailer you received, including the envelope. If I don’t have it and will review it and will eventually publish it on the site (after removing your personal information), I will promptly pay your email address you give me via PayPal.

You will know if I used your piece because I will credit the name you give me to credit and you will receive a PayPal payment from me for the piece. There will be no surprises.

You send it in and I need it – You Get Paid. Simple!

You will help protect people when you sell me your junk mail.
You will help protect people when you sell me your junk mail. I agree, It’s a stupid picture to use but you get the idea how it works.

Keep in mind, I might get multiple scans of the same mailer so just to be sure I have not received it or reviewed it on the site, please search the site using the search box at the top right.

Technical Specs

  1. You can upload either good close up photographs, scanned images or PDF copies of the mailer using the form below.
  2. I prefer color scans of at least 150 DPI (dots per inch) where I can read all the printed words and images.
  3. I’ll need the front and back of the envelope and all internal pages that have any printing on them.
  4. Quality scanning gets noticed and paid first.
  5. If you can, zip the files into one zip file to upload.
  6. I only pay via PayPal. Period. Sorry to be so strict about that.

Charitable Donation Option

americaresIf you want your junk mail to do double good stuff, you can select the charitable donation option on the form below and I will donate the money I would have paid you to a great non-profit group, AmeriCares.

I am not affiliated with them in any way. They just do a lot of good and are highly rated. 97% of every donated dollar is used to support their efforts around the world.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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