I Quit My Job in October and I Can’t Find a Job But I’m Still Looking. – Sonya


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“Dear Steve,

I quit my job in October and I can’t find a job but I’m still looking, I just had my credit looking decent because of a default student loan. And bought me my first new car and had 4 credit cards I didn’t use until I was unemployed. I know it was stupid but my husband of 8 years told me he had a drug problem for the last 7 years. I had no idea. All I knew was he kept taking out loans.

And while I was unemployed I was using the cards for gas for both vehicles and buying groceries and necessities. Now the cards are maxed out and he won’t help with any of my bill’s. Now they are about to repo the house and my car and he wants a divorce because I don’t have a job and now I am on sick leave for 3 months. I have no family to help or run to they all died. I don’t know what to do,

Do you know or have an idea of what I can do? I even went to social security for help but that will take to long. Thank’s for any help you can give!!


Dear Sonya,

How are you on sick leave if you quit your job?

There is no doubt that the situation you describe is traumatic and terrible to live through. There is also no doubt that this is a situation that has been going on for some time if you have been using borrowed money from your credit cards to make it through month to month.

On one hand the answer is simple, go get a job doing anything. For an immediate check I would start with all the temp companies in your area. Register with them all. Then I would go through the local classified ads in your local paper and take the first job you can get. I don’t care if it is working at a fast food place. You need to start bringing in some income right now. Something is more than nothing.

Once you start earning, then you can be picky about what your dream job is. While you are working, you can look around.

You might also have to turn to public benefits available. Look at this previous Q&A for a list of food, shelter, and medical benefit programs, “Holy, Divorced, Disabled and Desperately in Debt“.

If you husband is going to divorce you because you don’t have a job, he’s a loser. It sounds like he is done using you to fuel his bad habits. Probably the best course of action for you at this point is going to be to start over with divorce, bankruptcy and a new life.

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