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American Debt Mediators Never Seems to Tire Sending Mailers

Written by Steve Rhode

Another version of a debt relief mailer from American Debt Mediators just hit my desk. This one was sent from postal permit 507 in Santa Ana, California and pushes the Spring 2013 catalog.

An amazing reader sent in this new debt relief mailer through my I Buy Junk Mail program.

The front says ADM, 15950 North Dallas Parkway, Suite 400, Dallas, Texas 75248. Hey, at least they actually put their address on it. It’s more than others seem to do.

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 10.15.56 AM

The inside offers a “projected” 43% reduction in debt and mentions the Spring Debt Mediation Catalog. The post card says you can view the catalog online but if you visit the URL they reference you actually get this.

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 10.19.53 AM

Apparently American Debt Mediators also wants to get into the student loan debt negotiation business as well. They say, “This is an attempt to facilitate a renegotiation of debts directly with creditors including credit cards, medical bills and student loans.”

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 10.21.10 AM

This offer was able to be reviewed because a kind reader sent it in via my I Buy Junk Mail program.

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