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I’m Divorced and My Ex Never Paid His Part of the Debts. – Kelli

“Dear Steve,

I have been divorced for 5 years, and was left w/16K in credit card debt. My ex was ordered to pay half of the debt, but never did. I didn’t put a judgemnt on him because I was a co-borrower on his truck lease, and I was worried he’d dump a $500 payment on me in retaliation. I spent another 2-3K just moving him out of the house too. Now, my income is down, and I’ve gotten my debt up to 25K. I make around 1500/month. After paying my rent, car, insurance, student loan, and credit cards I have nothing left.

Should I file bankruptcy, or is there an alternative option?



Dear Kelli,

Sadly this is a story that I hear all the time. And to cut to the chase, I don’t see any option better than bankruptcy for you at this point. If you go bankrupt it will sever your lingering relationship with you ex over these financial issues and let you get the fresh start you thought divorce was going to bring.

You’ve got to put yourself first here in this financial situation, nobody else will. The right thing to do is to click here for a free bankruptcy consultation. Do it now.

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