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When I need a break from answering questions I often take a look for some odd or interesting search terms that people used to find me. Below are some of the latest I saw today that I wanted to provide quick answers to.


Search Terms

  • gift card giving – Be carful giving gift cards from any retail store these days. If a store goes out of business before the gift card is used, it could be worthless. Consider giving a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express gift card instead.
  • should i save my refund or pay debt? – If you don’t have any savings now, save at least half of it in a boring old savings account. If you use it all to pay down debt and an emergency comes up it will just wind up back on the cards, eliminating any progress you made.
  • debt cures – I think you are looking for Ben Read the Book “Debt Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About” By Kevin Trudeau And Has Questions. Otherwise, debt cures nothing.
  • need my tax refund – Don’t get suckered into a tax refund anticipation loan or paying to get your money in advance. File your taxes and let the IRS put your refund straight into your bank account. They come very quickly these days.
  • CACH LLC – They seem to still play hardball and not have a great reputation. Look here for information on CACH, LLC.
  • chapter 7 bankruptcy + sallie mae – Good luck getting rid of student loans with bankruptcy. It can happen in rare cases but they are few and far between. Get a free bankruptcy consultation with a local bankruptcy attorney if you have questions.
  • how bad was it when you stopped paying bills – It’s all relative. The collection pressure will increase but the insanity of spending your savings down to achieve nothing will end. If you are going to stop paying the bills that is not an ultimate way to deal with the situation, just a step along the way.
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